Sass Parilla, the Singing Gorilla
the colorful, bass-powered, musical stand up artist

this would be a picture of me if you could get it!
(Here's a photo of me, relaxing at the cabin, reading a book that I wrote myself!)
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The Adventures of Sass Parilla,
The Singing Gorilla, now on DVD!
Another exciting picture of me from my movie!

Get the movie some critics are calling:
“The best movie starring a guy in a gorilla suit, ever!”
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Following are some actual comments taken from reviews on the IMDB and elsewhere:

“This is a great movie to watch with friends or when one needs a good laugh” -unknown male UGA booster
“The four installments take us on a roller-coaster ride of excitement, danger, monsters, zombies, and glory” -unknown sexy female brunette
“Sass Parilla rocks my world! I really can’t say enough great things about these shorts!.” -unknown sexy female redhead
 “I'm grateful this is not some sort of musical, a genre of which I'm not a fan” -unknown and unbiased blue singing gorilla
“The acting is a bit better than the average homemade film and the cinematography isn't entirely flat” -unknown dumbass webzine opinion
“I just came across your DVD…Then I wiped up the mess” -Nash, from Royal Classic.
“Your dvd is the best gorilla movie of all time...You make King Kong look like a little bitch!” -Frasier
Awards and Nominations so far:
“Best Serial” MicroCineFest 2005!
B-Movie Film festival 2006
“Best Set Design”
“Best Make-Up”

This is a picture of me unless you're reading this! A panel from my comic!  
My first comic book ever, and it can be yours for $3!

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